Abstract: At present the communication and information is increased by many devices that are associated to the internet. Growing, information technology and communication device require defense against intrusion. Now a day, network attacks are increasing gradually. Many of the intrusion detection are protected the network intrusion but it is not fully protect the current network attacks. Internet of Things (IoT) produces the honey pot technique for against the attacks. Honey pot techniques based on game-theoretic method with easily identify the network abnormal behavior data. The threshold frequency range classifies the attacker’s action. The valuable intrusion detection system require low success rate of attacker, detection rate and accuracy is high. This paper presents a survey on Deceptive Attack and Defense Game in Honey pot Network for IoT. These successfully resist all type of attacks in networks for Internet of Things.

Keywords: Network attacks, Intrusion detection, Internet of Things, Honey pot, Game-theoretic, Deceptive Attack, Defense Game.