Abstract: Twitter is an online social network used by millions people. It used to provide a way to collect and understand userís opinion about much private and public organization. Twitter has become one of the most important communication channels with its achieve to providing the most up-to-date information to the user. In this paper we present to find the correlation of two words using the association rule. There must be an application to establish the mutual relationship between two words or sentences or segment. In the first step we collecting tweets are editable group of tweets hand selected by twitter user. These collected tweets are preprocessing in which stop words removed and then tweet segmentation. The form of generalized association rules, from messages posted by Twitter users. The analysis of Twitter post is focused on two different but related features: their textual content and their submission content. Due to its invaluable business value of timely information from these tweets, it is imperative to understand tweets language for a large body of downstream application, such as true named entity.

Keywords: Tweet dataset, Tweet segmentation, Microsoft N-gram, Correlation and Association.