Abstract: The security of wireless LAN networks is a talented topic which in current years has been the focus of much interest in the research community. Even as many security issues in these wireless networks can be addressed by etiquette design, wireless nodes have intrinsic much physical vulnerability that can be exploited by attackers to origin disruptions in network traffic. The scenery of these exposures is such that there is little that can be done to eliminate them leaving the network. It is vital that the impact of such attacks is well-understood before IPS for wireless ad hoc networks are used in mission-critical application. This paper is a stride in this threat analysis as our effects of attacks that exploit physical susceptibilities. Our contributions in this paper are, we combine risk and vulnerability characterizes them so that we understand various attack and their attack scenarios. We present study of various attacks along with attack scenarios in the context of a wireless LAN security.

Keywords: Vulnerability, LAN, IPS, Exploit, Attacks