Abstract: A Mobile ad hoc network is a infrastructure less network in which nodes change their positions dynamically. Some features of MANET like Dynamic topology, Lack of centralized management, Scalability etc. make it more vulnerable to attacks. Black hole is one of the possible attacks that occur in the network as advertising itself having the shortest path to the destination node in the network. Thus it seeks the attention of source node to itself and takes part in communication. When number of malicious nodes work together, it is called cooperative black hole attack. In this paper, we are analyzing the AODV protocol with PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) technique to find solution for multiple attacker nodes in the network. Particle Swarm Optimization monitors nodes by changing their values because of ad hoc nature, if node converge then it change node’s value to infinite and prevent the node to send packet. The simulation is performed on the basis of different performance parameters like Throughput, End to End Delay and Drop Packet.

Keywords: Cooperative Black hole Attack, AODV Routing Protocol, Throughput, End to End Delay, Drop Packet