Abstract: Cloud storage provides a convenient and more storage at low cost, but data privacy is a major concept that prevents users from storing files on the cloud. One way of improving the data privacy is to encrypt the files before sending them onto the cloud and decrypt the files when they are downloaded. However, data encryption is a difficult task for the mobile devices, and data retrieval process is a complicated communication between the data user and cloud. With limited capacity and a limited battery life of mobile phones, these issues may introduce heavy overhead to computing and more power consumption for mobile device users, which makes the encrypted search over mobile cloud very difficult and as a challenge task for the user. In this paper, we have proposed, TEES, in which with more bandwidth and better energy efficient encrypted search over a mobile cloud. The proposed architecture removes the computation from mobile devices to the cloud, and hence we further can optimize the communications of the mobile clients and the cloud.

Keywords: Mobile Cloud Storage, Searchable Data Encryption, Energy Efficiency, Traffic Efficiency.