Abstract: The paper involves creating a web architecture which will set the basis for the completion of an e-commerce site. This is part of the "design" stage, a stage which is present in almost all methodologies for the development of software systems. The technology proposed for the subsequent implementation of the site is ASP.NET MVC (model view controller). The application is designed for the submittal of offers for different products and services. Each product is described in detail: name or price, the category to which it belongs, its description and a representative image. The products are put in a basket from which they can be deleted or bought. The application allows its management through a manager's panel: adding new products, creating new categories of products, editing and deleting the already existing products. After an order has been placed, the manager is announced through an email containing the necessary data for filling the order.

Keywords: web design, web application, web programming, and software methodologies.