Abstract: The paper presents to optimize the energy efficiency in the MIMO system. The Energy Efficiency and the power consumption are the two important factors for the wireless communication systems. Recently the dramatic growth in high-rate multimedia data traffic driven by usage of wireless devices has been straining the capacity of today’s networks and has caused a large amount of energy consumption. In the past decade, suboptimal algorithm is implemented, which requires more energy and power allocation for the transmission of data in distributed antenna system. Therefore the developed optimal resources allocation algorithm in the MIMO systems optimizes the energy efficiency in the uplink and downlink transmission of data with the increase of mobile stations. The energy-efficient system design has recently drawn much attention in both academic and industrial worlds, and is becoming the mainstream for the next generation of wireless communications. The demonstrated optimal resource allocation algorithm requires less transmission power, less complexity and more energy efficient.

Keywords: Distributed antenna systems (DASs), energy efficiency (EE), fractional programming, proportional fairness, resource allocation, spectral efficiency (SE) Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) systems.