Abstract: In recent research work the Wireless technologies are being more and more used in automation and also in the field of wireless communications are diverse. The advancement in wireless technology offers a good opportunity in the area of communication in perfect region . When the embedded devices are provided with internet access the demand will rise due to the remote accessing capability of these devices. Users can monitor & control remote systems by using embedded Easy IOT server. Wireless based industrial automation is a prime concern in our day-to-day life. The approach to Wireless Network for Industrial Applications standardized nowadays. Intelligent and low-cost automation of industrial processes are crucial in order to improve process efficiencies, deliver quality products, and ensure timeliness and accuracy of systems .Wireless is predicted to be one of the fastest growing technologies in the area of process automation sector This paper is focused on design & implementing a secured wireless communication system of ARM embedded IOT server based on Raspberry Pi. For effective designing & implementing a system we use wireless technology. This wireless technology along with router makes the system Accessible from anywhere in the world. Various Sensors are interfaced with microcontroller. Parameters like Temperature, gas, motion, distance, humidity are measured & real time sensed data is available on the remote pc as well as on the android Smartphone. Due to the use of wireless technology we can achieve super speed transmission of large amount of data in very less time. As the overall system is based on generating of dynamic IP address every time, we can say that the system is much secured than all the previous systems. Thus Proper use of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) lowers the rate of failures, overall cost of the system, & increases the productivity, efficiency of overall industrial operations.

Keywords: Easy IOT Server, Raspberry Pi, Real Time, Arduino Wireless sensor networks, Industrial