Abstract: In this system named automated toll system for number plate detection and collection emerges as a convincing solution of the problem to the manual toll collection system applied at tollgates. Time, efficiency, fuel and pollution are a matter of present day. In order to remove the major issues of vehicle congestion and time consumption, image processing technology is used. In this system images and videos will be passed as an input or can be browsed from any location. Using images and videos the number plate is detected and further process .This system various modules are RTO admin, Toll admin, Police admin, Super admin and the general public. The role of the Super admin is to register toll centers at various locations using User name and Password. These credentials are sent to the toll admin, using which he login into the account. Toll admin module is basically used for the calculation purpose of toll deduction based on vehicle type. The RTO registers the vehicle information and associates it with the number plate of the vehicle. In case a stolen vehicle passes through the toll collection center, the number plate is detected and the notification is send to the Police admin module. Toll deduction takes place through e-wallet assigned to the concerned number plate of the vehicle that belongs to the owners’ account. Additionally the daily toll collection information can be obtained and send to the Government for verification.

Keywords: E-wallet, Number plate detection, Toll collection, Vehicle number recognition.