Abstract: Wireless networks are infrastructure less. Due to this nature, many types of security threats affect Ad-hoc network process and performance. In this proposal, different types of attacks and its mitigation strategy over ad-hoc network are discussed and finally proposed a new routing framework for OLSR to detect and defend DOS and wormhole attacks. In the infrastructure free network, the abnormal and malicious behavior of nodes disturbs the overall performance of the network, so the detection should be accurate and should reduce packet delay and loss. In existing, various techniques and methods used to mitigate different types of attacks and security threats in OLSR protocol. The proposed system concentrates on the DOS and Wormhole attack issue in OLSR. So the proposed system designs and implements a new routing framework named as SAR (Self adaptive routing framework with faux node generation), which detects and mitigates the routing attacks in OLSR. The self adaptive framework provides effective mitigation process on dynamic node isolation and wormhole behaviors.

Keywords: MANET, OLSR, node isolation attack, faux node.