Abstract: Digital India program is an initiative to make technology access to each and every citizen of the country with a vision to transform India in to a digitally empowered state and a knowledge economy. Digital India initiative could help in achieving the objectives of Education for all, Information for all, Healthcare for all. Digital India program is citizen-centric and will change the system of delivery of services hence will change the quality of life. A Vision of Digital India Centered on 3 Key Areas (i) Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen ,(ii) Governance & Services on Demand, (iii) Digital Empowerment of Citizens. Nine Pillars of Digital India program are the various areas like Broadband Highways, Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity, Electronics Manufacturing, e-Governance, Public Internet Access Program, e-Kranti, IT for Jobs, Information for all and Early Harvest Projects. Each Pillar has own challenges which we have to manage and overcome to make the program a successful mission.

Keywords: Digital, e-Governance, citizen centric, connectivity, Digital Economy, Digital Infra structure