Abstract: The generation of the image processing has enormous fields and areas of applications. In this new world of technology it is playing its role efficiently. From health care to the space program, from transportation to the investigations, from entertainment to the information technology etc. “Digital Image Processing” also known as DIP has a major role to make things modern and easy at the same time. In this work it is focused on the enhancement of the digital image in the context of pixels. This enhancement is on the key feature of an image and known as resolution of an image. Resolution of an image is basically the grid size of pixels in an image. There is always a need of enhancing the resolution by other methods such as by external software or program. These resolution enhancement programs are different than zooming program in a way that they just not stretched it but interpolate in which means they generate pixels related to the other pixels of image virtually.

Keywords: LWT Lifting Wavelet Transform, SWT Stationary Wavelet Transform, PSNR Peak signal to noise ratio, MSE Mean square error, SNR Signal to Noise Ratio, RMSE Root Mean Square Error, MAE Mean Arithmetic error.