Abstract: Mobile computing is becoming more and more popular. The proficiency of file querying suffers from the properties of networks which include node mobility and limited communication range and resource. File sharing is one of the aspects which include peer to peer file sharing over MANET. Main advantages of P2P file sharing are files can be shared without base stations, overload on server can be avoided and it can exploit the otherwise. Wasted peer communication opportunities among mobile nodes. File replication which plays important role in enhancing file availability and reduce file querying delay. By creating replicas the probability of encountered requests can be improved. Random Way Point used for the normal MANET and Community-Based Mobility Model used for Disconnected MANETs. In RWP, nodes are moving with random speed to the randomly selected points, so the probability of meeting each node is similar for all the nodes Community-based mobility model used in some content dissemination or routing algorithms for disconnected MANETs. So both models contain idea of resource for file replication, which considers both node storage and meeting frequency.

Keywords: MANET, peer to peer network, File sharing, cooperative cache.