Abstract: The rapid increase and development of mobile communication network system has accelerated the data transfer speed. These technologies are expected to provide services like voice, data, web browsing, video conferencing, video streaming and telemetry with mobility of the end users. The horizontal handoff is available in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G to provide mobility for all kinds of services. So to provide mobility within such types of network generations, the vertical handoff is essential to avail uninterrupted services. In this research, we aim to find such an approach which provides results in reduced call drop rate with less handover failure. Such kinds of handoff process failures incur maximum communication loss. Recent studies that have been done for reducing call drop problem, provide different algorithms and approaches to reduce call drop rate. As in 4G networks, vertical handover is performed, so our main aim is to reduce handover failure and improve the quality of communication in 4G.

Keywords: GSM, HHO, KWHN, RSS, VHO etc.