Abstract: Digital watermarking is new procedure of delivering protection to multimedia knowledge and digital content material from unauthorized copying. Potent and imperceptible audio watermarking scheme utilizing Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) is existed. So It is mighty information hiding manner for audio signal. Therefore, an appropriate design of channel code can protect the reference bits against tampering. In the present proposed method, the total watermark bit-budget is dedicated to three groups: 1) source encoder output bits; 2) channel code parity bits; and 3) check bits. In watermark embedding phase, the original image is source coded and the output bit stream is protected using appropriate channel encoder. By using this source coding and channel coding we will get the output information without loss and will get better PSNR values, bit error rate values in proposed method comparing to the existing method. By using this source coding we can calculate the maximum and minimum pixel values and using channel coding for compression of the image.

Keywords: watermarking, data embedding, self recovery, source, channel coding audio signal.