Abstract: Emissions of many air pollutants have been shown to have a variety of negative effects on public health and the natural environment. With the ever increasing population and the need for automobiles for transportation, the number of vehicles have increased considerably which has lead to increase in the emission of air pollutants such a CO, CO2, Hydrocarbons, SO2, etc., which may cause grievous problems to living beings and environment. One solution to this problem is frequent monitoring of the gases in the environment. In India, the present emission monitoring system is available only at emission testing centres located either in petrol bunks or few other places. The model we have designed can be handed over to the traffic police for continuous and instant monitoring of emission levels of vehicles. The present standard device is not portable and involves wired connections unlike our design which is portable, rechargeable and wireless. These features make our design easier to use than the traditional device. Also, our new model is comparatively cheaper than the existing device with the same level of accuracy. Unlike the present emission testing device our model uses an android application to monitor emission levels and does not require any paper work. Moreover, we express our distress in the present emission monitoring system which involves multiple malpractices by manipulating the recorded emission levels for bribe. This can be eliminated by our device which includes instant and real-time monitoring of emission levels of vehicles already certified.

Keywords: Air pollutants, continuous and instant monitoring, portable, rechargeable, wireless, android application, real time monitoring.