Abstract: Hummingbird is a new ultra light weight cryptography algorithm target for resources constrained devices like RFID tag, smart card and wireless sensor. In this project we design the hardware implementation of humming bird cryptography algorithm based on the pipelined Architecture in Spartan 3 FPGAs. Humming bird is to meet stringent response of area and power requirements which can provide the design security with a small block size. This algorithm resists to the most common attacks like algebraic attack, linear and differential cryptanalysis. We investigate for integrating humming bird into a privacy preserving and authentication protocol. In this technique to reduce the clock cycle to encryption and decryption the message. In this work, an enhanced hardware implementation of the humming bird cryptography algorithm for reduces area and high throughput for low cost Spartan 3E family.

Keywords: Light weight Cryptography, Mutual authentication Protocol security analysis and FPGA.