Abstract: The new management topology for reduction of current harmonics in 3 part Four wire distribution system was given during this thesis .Starting with incandescent light-weight bulb each load these days creates harmonics. the difficulty of harmonics is of nice concern to engineers, building designers and additionally in industrial applications as a result of they are doing not just distort voltage waveforms, however they will conjointly overheat the building wiring, overheat transformer units, and cause end-user instrumentality failures. Thus, giving attention towards power quality has become necessary these days .The main objective of this project is to review and design good filter exploitation combination of fuzzy and PI controllers. In good filter only used single-phase inductances and capacitors, while not victimization any electrical device or special electromagnetic device. The simulation results supported MATLAB/ SIMULINK were performed to verify the effectiveness of good filter. This filter reduced current harmonics quite previous ways of reducing current harmonics.

Keywords: SIMLINK, Filter, smart Filter,