Abstract: Mobile P2P networking is an enabling technology for mobile devices to self-organize in an unstructured style and communicate in a peer-to-peer fashion. Due to user mobility and the unrestricted switching on/off of the mobile devices, links are intermittently connected and end-to-end paths may not exist, causing routing a very challenging problem. The major problem with peer-to-peer applications is to ?nd the nodes having desired information and downloading the same by saving the battery power in mobile prevalent computing environment. The past techniques though have produced satisfactory results but none of them addressed this problem. In this paper we propose a architecture of peer-to-peer minimum boundary rectangle (PMBR) indexing scheme designed for mobile peer -to-peer environment. Here the node which contains the users information of interest is easily ?nd out by reading the index.

Keywords: Mobile P2P networking, PMBR, peer -to-peer environment, Indexing-System Architecture.