Abstract: This work provides a dynamic network reconfiguration in wireless sensor network using controller. A routing protocol designed for WSN should have the ability of adapting to different applications and different network conditions it uses the concept of dynamic reconfiguration routing protocol that achieves the need of various applications and also various network conditions. In this work all nodes are randomly deployed and communicated with each other as well as the head node. There is direct communication between head and sensor nodes. As the result, it can be widely used in a military application for battlefield surveillance wireless sensor network has been an area of active research with many civilian applications, fire detection. A microcontroller is designed which is used to control the movement of nodes (Move Right, Move Up) and location of nodes. Before disaster occurred, all nodes changed their location for security. As disaster under control, there may get back to their locations. But in this, some localization error is present but its value is less than 3% which is very efficient.

Keywords: WSN System, Routing protocol, Dynamic Reconfiguration System, Localization, Mobility etc.