Abstract: Color blindness is the shortcoming of color vision. It is the reduced ability to distinguish references between different colors. There are many kinds of colorblindness that affects the eye vision in different ways such a red-green, blue-yellow etc. But nowadays the common type of color blindness referred to as red-green in which people are not able to differentiate between red and green. Deficient people finds both the colors as the same one and some people viewed it as beige color. In this paper, we study on some color transformation scales such as RGB to HSV algorithm. This study focus on criteria based on the ease of use, accuracy, easy to analyze the different colors for color deficient people. The output of my research is to improve the red-green deficiency by enhancing the RGB image into HSV scale.

Keywords: Color blindness, Image processing, color vision, red-green color deficiency, RGB to HSV conversion.