Abstract: A complicated blend of solid and liquid particles result in Particulate Matter particles. These particles are to be monitored and regulated for various reasons, and human health being one of them.This paper discusses about the monitoring of particulate matter particles (aerodynamic in nature) in the range of 2.5 Ám to 10 Ám. Here, a new technique is proposed for counting of particulate mattersusing optical analyser. Optical method uses light blocking or scattering property, where the flow of Aerosol particles causes illumination. Their interaction with electromagnetic waves causes change in light scattering which is detected by the Photodiode. An effort is put to achieve maximum optimization in terms of technology and cost. The main focus of this project is to implement a design which counts the number of particles and determines thesize of theparticlesthat are less than 2.5 Ám (course fine particle) to 10 Ám (total suspended particle).

Keywords: Particulate Matter, Python IDE, Microcontroller, NX SIEMENS