Abstract: MANET is a system which workings on idea of having network short of any setup. MANETís having number of node demands high quality of processing power, high bandwidth and memory to provide definite routing information, though induces traffic overhead in the mobile network. DSR protocol is a sensible protocol in MANET. Due to the intrinsically self-motivated nature of the mobile network topology, the existing links are recurrently damaged, and fresh links are often recognized. Nodes mobility has greatest impact on available routes. Mobility leads to dynamic topologies of the network which enforces nodes to update their neighbor information and associated routes to a node. Different routing protocols update this information in different ways. Determination of link lifetime, data security, detection of malicious node and secure information transmission in a MANET is an important tasks in any mobile network. Our proposed protocol discover the link lifetime and if original link is breakdown then new secure node is established and information is transferred from newly created link. We proposed a secure trust value which helps authenticate the node and also keep safe the network from malicious nodes. The system also perform secure routing to protect MANET against malicious node. Experimentally result showed that our scheme is well suited for better data transmission. The simulation results discovered that the data delivery percentage and performance of the system is improved.

Keywords: MANET, Routing, Security, Link lifetime, Multihop network