Abstract: In the present world, with the growing number of vehicles, traffic has increased to a very greater extent. This mainly has a major impact on the vehicles dealing with an emergency situation. The system employs assistance to such emergency vehicles without any human effort. Conventional technologies use the manual or semi manual systems. Manual system uses the manpower. The semi manual methods use the fixed interval traffic light and image processing which do not distinguish between the emergency and other vehicles. The paper presents a wise traffic control system to pass emergency vehicles smoothly utilizing RFID and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The system uses ARM7 controller (lpc2148), RFID reader to detect the RFID tags fixed to the vehicle. This module uses ZigBee module CC2500. The total system can be monitored through IoT.

Keywords: ambulance, ARM, GSM SIM300, Internet of Things, RFID, traffic light, ZigBee.