Abstract: Technology is not much good if it is not simple and powerful. In the same way even though the technology of broadband, voice calls and TV are playing a vital role in our daily lives it comprises of several disadvantages, some of them to represent are less bandwidth due to increase in growth of video streaming like high definition, mobile phone Internet and other services. Bad user experience due to the value of services occurred by traffic control. Uncoordinated networking results in lack of correlation between the network and its applications. Inflexible resource allocation leads to idling or wastage of resources. To overcome all these problems, we use a technique called Smartpipes. Smartpipe is defined as a neat fiber solution used for a good high speed broadband internet, neat crystal-clear voice and latest up-to-date TV content through a centralized access. By using Smartpipes, we can achieve a faster connection speed and high-definition broadcasts and all the services are optimized within the same fiber pipe for consistency in performance at all times.

Keywords: Smartpipes, Broadband, Voice calls, TV.