Abstract: In Web Usage Mining the log files of the web server plays a vital role because it stores the different users browsing patterns and this records becomes an important source of knowledge for discovering the user pattern. Web Usage Pattern is a process of retrieving the users browsing patterns by considering their page navigations. Mining techniques is applied to the userís behaviour for personalizing which is done based on transactions derived from user sessions. Sessionization is the process of identifying the user sessions, which is defined as set of pages visited by the same user within a given time of one particular visit of a web-site. This paper reviews the existing work done on the session identification techniques. An overview of available techniques for identifying the user sessions is being proposed for extraction of user patterns. By giving the overview of the techniques we can improve the quality of these techniques to be a novel one, by inventing new approaches and methods, and also we can work on by overcoming the flaws of the existing techniques which can be used as a highway for research and practice in this area.

Keywords: Include Sessionization, Heuristic, Web log data, Personalization, Smart Miner.