Abstract: Authentication is a procedure of validating who are you and whom you claim to be. Authentication secures the system from unauthorized people who have illegally accessed the right to handle the data present in the system. It also protects the system from potential threats. Though authentication is very strict procedure, with the developing new technologies it can be easily cracked and hacked to steal the userís identity. Current authentication techniques that are in use today are Texted based, Token based, Biometrics based, Recognition/Graphical based etc. but each of this strategies are having their own drawbacks and own limitations. To overcome the disadvantages of these existing authentication techniques a new authentication technique called 3d password is introduced. 3d password scheme is a new strategy recognition patterns, textual passwords, biometrics and graphical passwords. One of the important concepts of 3d password schema is 3d virtual environment which contains real time object scenarios. Also 3d password is more secure and hard to break. This paper focuses on what is 3D Password?, Working of 3D password technique and various applications involved in it.

Keywords: 3d Password, Critical servers, Networking, Authentication, Advantages, Virtual Environment