Abstract: Semantic analysis is an important part of natural language processing system. It determines the meaning of given sentence and represents that meaning in an appropriate form. Semantics, as a part of linguistics, aims to study the meaning in language. The language demonstrates a meaningful message because of the semantic interaction with the different linguistic levels. In this paper, survey is done on semantic analysis and explores different works that have been done in semantic analysis by different researchers. Few research papers have been considered for the analysis. In the examination, two important research fields are noticed, one of the popular statistical model called as LSA model and another active research area called as ontology which represents a set of primitives of domain of knowledge. In the analysis, it is noted that, LSA is used in automated evaluation against human evaluation and also used for extracting semantic information from textual information. Ontology technique is used to extract structure information from unstructured data, retrieving the information from database and in the semantic web applications.

Keywords: NLP, Semantics, LSA, spring graph, Ontology, NLIDB, SW, SVD