Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging technology which has business centric attitude as it is a pay by use model. There is an increasing pace in cloud computi ng business model usage. But a lot of issues are still yet to be solved such as reliability, tolerance, load balancing, security, resource allocation etc. Among them security is the major concern pointed by NIST survey [2]. In cloud environment, userís data has to be released to the cloud and leaves protection sphere of software owner. There are various public key infrastructure based protection schemes available. But these schemes lack trust due to public and private key distribution threats [2]. This paper presents the systematic way of protecting copy right of relational database with a secure design of Software as a Service in cloud environment. Firstly paper explains how public key infrastructure based secure protocol design has to be done with a sample application e-election system. Preliminary research has been done on this problem [1], but there is no comprehensive solution proposed. Hence this paper proposes Monte Carlo estimation and evolutionary based cloud drop watermark approach for database copy right protection. Using secure keys in encrypted form, cloud drops are generated with statistical probabilities for embedding .Monte Carlo estimation on normal probabilities is used for better prediction on mean and standard deviation. Thus this approach eliminates the threat of key distribution. Also this approach maintains the usability of data even after watermarking. Finally, this paper provides comprehensive solution for copy right protection using the above approach, bringing the better randomness and fuzziness through statistical probabilities.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, CRDaaS, Monte Carlo, Public Key, Private Key.