Abstract: In the recent years there has been enormous leap in online shopping technology but little has changed in the offline sector. We can still find people waiting for their turn at the billing counter of departmental stores. Many concepts has been put forward to employ RFID based shopping trolley, where in the shopper can just drop the items into the trolley which will be detected by the RFID reader and the data will be displayed on small screen in the trolley. Once done, shopper can check out quickly. But it has lots of limitations. The proposed system will use an APP on shopper's smart phones which will constantly communicate with the store’s main database and the trolley will communicate to the database over WIFI using ESP-8266 module, also there will be an array of IR LEDs along aisle which helps detect the relative location of the trolley. The main system sends all information to phone app. This approach will also help promoting the concept of PRE-SHOPPING. Using the App provided, the customer can see all the items in the store from his home and make a rough list. Upon entering the store, he can just pull out a trolley, scan the QR code in the trolley using the app and the app will communicate with main system and link the trolley. The main system pulls out the pre-shopping list of the shopper and also keeps track on trolley's movement and alert the shopper when he pass across the item which is in the list.

Keywords: Smart phone, ESP-8266 wifi module, Radio frequency identification (RFID), App, Infrared (IR), Microcontroller, Database, Shopping Trolley, cart.