Abstract: As the tremendous growth in the volume of images as well as the widespread application in multiple fields, the requirement for development of image retrieval techniques have enhanced. The ability to handle very large amounts of image data is important for image analysis and retrieval applications. Image Retrieval is an interesting and rapidly growing developing methodology in all fields. It is an effective and well organized approach for retrieving the image. Digital explosion of image databases over internet pose a challenge to retrieve images that are relevant to user query, efficiently and accurately. It becomes increasingly important to develop new CBIR(Content Based Image Retrieval) techniques that are effective and scalable for real time processing of very large image collections. Content based image retrieval system based on Hadoop, proposed a solution for a large database of images which provides secure, efficient and effective search and retrieve the similar images of Query image from the database. In this paper we provide an overview of the fundamental theories and emerging techniques for Image Retrieval, different types of image retrieval and Hadoop framework, as well as several extended work in these areas.

Keywords: Image retrieval, Image features, Extraction, Hadoop frame work, Feature extraction.