Abstract: A Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network together with sensor nodes that connected through wireless media. After the deployment of a WSN some common variables such as sensing interval, data sending interval or small programs stored in each node of the network may need to be updated or changed. Since sensor nodes are distributed in ad hoc fashion manual updating is not always possible. So we use data dissemination protocols to alter the sensor configuration parameters. Two main drawbacks are suffered by existing data discovery and dissemination protocols. First, they are based on the centralized approach; in this approach only base station can disseminate data items. Such an approach suffers from single point of failure. Second, most protocols assume that working environment is safe, so attackers can easily harm network. In Wireless Sensor Network, the security and confidentiality of data is very important. This paper proposes a secure and distributed data dissemination protocol named Sec-DiDrip. It allows multiple authorized network users to directly disseminate data items to the sensor nodes. Sec-Drip enhances ensures the confidentiality of disseminated data hence enhances security.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network; Security; Data Dissemination; Confidentiality: Data Encryption.