Abstract: The human gender is recognized by an automated system with various unique features of the male and female. Real Time Gender recognition from facial features is a challenging task. In order to overcome this striving situation, the facial features measure is utilized for the gender detection. Various techniques are used for recognizing the gender from facial features. The facial parameters taken for recognition are eye, jaw, eye brows, and lips. The real time gender recognition is necessary for improving the human robot interaction (HRI). Real time gender recognition have wide variety of applications in government, forensic and commercial fields in which reliable personal identification is vital. The performance of gender recognition is also affected by non ideal images such as motion blur, poor contrast and various expressions . This paper is a study and analysis of gender recognition systems which uses various techniques based on facial features and the skeletal features of the human body.

Keywords: Feature extraction Laplace Gaussian edge detection, Inter ocular distance, RGB-D camera, Human Robot Interaction (HRI).