Abstract: Many individuals and organizations are seeking to reduce the maintenance cost and the burden of large local data storage. So outsourcing of data to remote Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) increased drastically. Customers can rent the CSPs storage infrastructure to store and retrieve unlimited amount of data by paying money. Higher level of scalability, availability, and durability are achieved by replicating data on multiple servers across multiple data centers. More the copies are requested to store in the cloud more fees have to be paid. Since more fees are paid customers needs to ensure whether requested copies are stored with most recent modification. In existing methods a Provable Multi Copy Dynamic Data Possession (PMDDP) scheme is used. It gives evidence to the customers that the CSP is not cheating them by storing fewer copies. It supports outsourcing of dynamic data. It supports modification, insertion and deletion of data stored in the cloud. Even though possession of multiple copies of data can be proved, user cannot ensure whether the data is stored in different servers or locations. In this proposed system, user can ensure that multiple data copies are stored in different locations.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Cloud Service Provider, Data owner, dynamic environment.