Abstract: The current problem in Database As a Service (DAS) is how to maximize the efficiency of retrieving encrypted data from remote servers without compromising security. Bucketization is a privacy preserving method for executing SQL queries over encrypted data. In Ordered Bucketization (OB), plaintext-space is divided into p disjoint buckets that are numbered from 1 to p which are based on the order of the ranges that they cover. Here we propose an Encryption with Ordered Bucketization (EOB) to support range query efficiently while preserving high-level of security. How to let non-expert users make use of the relational database is a challenging topic. Traditional predefined query forms are not able to satisfy various queries from users on those databases. Here we also propose a novel database query form interface that is DQF which is able to dynamically generate query forms.

Keywords: Query form, user interaction, query form generation, bucketization, security.