Abstract: This paper deals with band pass filter which is located between up converter and modulator of uplink model for C band small satellite communication system that work digitally. The main theme of designing a digital FIR filter is to provide the better settlement solution, to improve an efficiency of the desired signal of the system and to allow adjustment of the compromise between the over shoot reduction and transition region width for practical application of the small satellite uplink system. Digital filter can be applied in speech processing applications, such as speech filtering, speech enhancement, noise reduction and automatic speech recognition among others. In this paper MATLAB Program is used to implement a band-pass FIR filter using adjustable window function based on blackmann window. The realization structure of this filter with a specific and symmetric filter coefficient is analysed and the symmetric coefficients of the filter structure are that this filter is stable, it is also linear and it has a constant group delay. And then the magnitude response and phase response of this filter are analysed and the simulation results are also described using FDA tool that is one of the Computer Aided Design tool available with MATLAB which enables design of the digital filter blocks faster and more accurate.

Keywords: uplink model, small satellite, C-band, FIR equiripple band pass digital filter, MATLAB.