Abstract: The function of transport layer is to maintain the end to end synchronization in between sender to receiver. In this layer of network basically only one reliable protocol is working because of its having the concept of ACK (Acknowledgement). In Mobile Ad hoc Network the structure of network is not possible to define because the mobile nodes are continuously moves in limited area. In this paper we proposed the new approach of routing based on data rate and queue control scheme applied on TCP Newreno, TCP Reno and TCP Westwood protocol in network. The proposed work maintains the reliability under MANET and minimized the network delay, overhead, congestion, collision and other drop reasons. In this research we compare the performance of proposed work with existing the proxy acknowledge mechanism provide efficient TCP communication in the MANET environment and normal AODV routing with TCP variants. In Proxy technique proxy node store the information about data drop reasons and resolve some dropped condition. Through proposed approach we increased the network reliability with the help of TCP variant technique utilized under mobile Ad hoc network. The proposed scheme performance is better than normal and proxy method.

Keywords: MANET, TCP Variants, AODV, Proxy, Proposed scheme, Queue, Congestion and collision.