Abstract: In this current world where technology is growing up day by day and scientific researchers are presenting new era of discoveries, the need for security is also increasing in all areas. At present, the vehicle usage is basic necessity for everyone. Simultaneously, protecting the vehicle against theft is also very important. The main goal of this paper is to protect the bike from any unauthorized access, using fast, easy-to-use, clear, reliable and economical fingerprint recognition technique. This bike security system intimates the status of the vehicle to the authoritative person (owner) using Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology. If the person is authorized, bike access is allowed. Else alert SMS will be sent to the owner and the engine will be immobilized. The prototype model for the security system is built on the embedded platform using PIC Microcontroller which controls all the processes and cost is also very stumpy. If the thief tries to steal the bike by breaking any of the security modules, the sensor which is present on the bike will sense the action of user and notify to microcontroller and then burglar alarm starts ringing. If the thief able to steal the bike in off state then by using GPS technology we can easily get the location of vehicle.

Keywords: Systems- Admin and Guest, Security and Protection- Access controls, Authentication, Verification, Unauthorized, Computer System Organization- General, User Interfaces- Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).