Abstract: With the constant increase in transport traffic, existing traffic management solutions have become inefficient. Urbanization has diode to a rise in traffic jams and accidents in major cities. So as to accommodate the growing wants of transport systems today, there's a desire for an Intelligent Transport System. Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) may be a growing technology that assists in Intelligent Transport Systems. Vanets modify communication between vehicles similarly as fastened infrastructure known as Road side Units (RSU). We tend to propose a distributed, cooperative traffic congestion detection and dissemination system that uses VANET. Every of the driverís sensible phones is equipped with a Traffic App that is capable of location detection through Geographic Position primarily based System (GPS). This info is relayed to a foreign server that detects traffic jam. Once congestion is confirmed the congestion info is disseminated to the tip user phone through rsus. The Mobile App transmits the placement info at periodic intervals. Victimization the latitude, line of longitude and the current time, the placement of every vehicle is traced. Victimization location info, the space moved by the vehicle at a given time is monitored. If the value is below a set threshold, congestion is suspected during a specific space. If several vehicles within the same space send similar messages, traffic jam is confirmed. Once traffic jam is confirmed, the vehicles approaching the engorged space area unit well-read about the traffic through show boards that area unit available within the nearest rsus (traffic signals). The congestion info is additionally created accessible through the Mobile App gift in vehicles approaching the engorged space. The approaching vehicles might take diversion and alleviate congestion.

Keywords: Provenance Model, Security, Sensor Networks, Bloom Filter Packet generation, Fault location.