Abstract: In this system we are charging the battery by using our design. Since battery packs take DC power, the supply power needs to be processed by the battery charger. The manner in which power is delivered to the batteries is crucial to battery life; hence a charger also includes a control circuit for battery power management. From main supply we used step down transformer to get desired output voltage for our battery charger. We needed rectifier to convert AC to DC .Since we needed pure form of DC we design filter and obtained pure form of DC voltage .To get regulated voltage we uses regulator IC with a current controller .This system use to recharge our rechargeable battery. Similarly from solar panel we have used the solar tracker, polarity corrector and stabilizing capacitor. Concatenate it with regulator and supply coming from regulator given to the current controller to adjust the current according to increase speed to charge the battery after that auto cutoff is used for switching of the circuit from ON state to OFF state depending on battery status And this current supply is given to rechargeable battery and the charging status battery is displayed on LCD display.

Keywords: PIC16F877A Microcontroller, Relay, Solar panel, Rechargeable battery, LM317 voltage regulator.