Abstract: Packet loss is possible in wireless sensor network. So that the intruders can be easily capture the data. Identifying the dropping packet and misbehaving activities are the most necessary measures for secure transmission in it. Without a certificate a node cannot participate in the transmission. In our project, we present Sensors which can senses the Data From environment and data will send by using Arduino to other computer .In that system we provide an efficient and secure approach for transmitting provenance information about sensor data. Our approach uses packet Bloom filters that are encoded as sensor data travels via intermediate sensor nodes, and are decoded and verified at the Receiver. Thus Information Gain by Receiver will Trace out the data Path through which it comes .We can used this system in Fire detection Application .In this Application Whatever the fire detection Sensors For EX., Flame Sensors, Smoke Sensors senses the Information from Environment .this Information need to transfer at Authorized persons or else want to send at Server. In between this transmission attacker can attack any of packets of Data or Data may loss due to collusion occurred. In this situation we proposed the this model to trace the Attackers and find out the data path from where the data is going .

Keywords: Provenance Model, Security, Sensor Networks, Bloom Filter Packet generation, Fault location.