Abstract: As a high-speed internet infrastructure is being developed and people are information zed, the financial tasks are also engaged in internet field. However, the existing internet banking system was exposed to the danger of hacking method such as Phishing or Pharming beyond snatching a userís ID and Password. Several techniques have been developed that help to protect transactions performed over insecure channel. Like which provides security by generating passwords. However, this technique is not that much beneficial for user. To provide more secure channel, we are implementing security on Banking transaction by using OTP with QR code. QR Code is a 2D matrix Bar Code where the information is stored both in horizontal and vertical dimensions. QR Code can hold a larger amount of data in a compact space and can perform error-correction at higher speed and has faster response time. QR Code is versatile and is used in various fields such as online banking, managing attendance, help visually impaired people, security applications such as different kinds of cryptography and steganography as well. Secure authentication, is achieved using data-hiding algorithms with the embedded QR Code.

Keywords: Privacy Preserving, QR Code, Encryption, OTP Generation, Integrity.