Abstract: This paper expresses the idea about the creation of “Organic Terrace” an android application. Nowadays many people have smartphones, which everyone use in a resourceful manner. In recent trends, people upgrade their knowledge by mobile enabled information services. The growing trends in Agricultural Automation has led to a tremendous development of software and applications to foster and enhance the information dissemination. “OrganicTerrace”app helps the users by giving them information regarding organic methodof cultivation of vegetables and green leafy vegetables in their terrace. In this modern world, most of the people live in urban and sub urban areas. This application will be very much helpful for the people who are interested in cultivating their own vegetable cropsbut don’t have a proper land area to cultivate them. The specialty of this application is to guide the users in the cultivation of crops in their terracewithout the use of any kind of synthetic (inorganic) fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Keywords: Organic farming, Rooftop or terrace gardening, Android application, Expert advice, notifications.