Abstract: “Intelligent Laptop Lock-Unlock Security Based Application” is designed for the security purpose of the laptop. The application is helpful when someone tries to unlock the laptop at the same time the application act as a trigger to the camera and camera captures the image of person which sat in front of the laptop otherwise send the default image after specific time and it also send the notification on the mobile phone with captured image. By using this application owner can take actions from mobile phone. The framework is outlined with the end goal that the runtime operations captures which performed by client and the client will be identified and afterward just he will be given a key to lock or unlock the system. The application is intended to permit the client to likewise check the status of the entryway. The cell phone requires a password to expand the security of the framework. Security is primary support toward taking care of such archived data in laptop, tablets, cell phones, PCs. We don't have that much good security with these gadgets. The security we have is making lock for system as a secret word however anybody can hack the password and mischief our information to maintain security and avoid hacking such a variety of security functions are given like thumb print, retina acknowledgment and so on. In any case, there is no security for watching that who is attempting to crack the password. That security is given in our proposed system.

Keywords: Laptop security, Embedded security, Face detection.