Abstract: A swastik slot loaded rectangular patch stacked with H-shaped patch antenna for multiband applications is presented in this manuscript. The antenna designing is done by using HFSS simulation tool. Feeding is done by using microstrip feed line (50?). The resonating behaviour of antenna depends on notch length and width of H-shaped patch as well as on separation between two patches and dielectric constants of the substrate. Finally, by considering optimum value the return loss (S11<-15dB) of design antenna -21.95 dB,-24.08dB,-17.83dB,-27.48dB,and -25.81dB at frequencies of 3.6GHz, 4.06GHz, 7.7 GHz, 9.76GHz, and 13.87GHz respectively.

Keywords: Swastik Slot, H-shaped patch, Stacked Microstrip antenna, Multi-band.