Abstract: Nowadays World Wide Web is a popular and interactive medium to distribute the information which develops increasingly. Web Mining is the extraction of interesting and potentially useful patterns and implicit information from artifacts or activity related to the World Wide Web. This extracted information can be further used to improve web usage mining, like next page prediction i.e. prediction of next page accessed by the user, improve web personalization, fraud detection and future prediction accessed by user, user profiling, and also to know about user browsing behavior. For predicting and identifying extracted information, it is needed to process Web Usage Mining. Web Usage Mining processing steps are explained in brief.Due to the difficulty in identifying unique sessions, additional prior knowledge is required. Different Web Usage Mining techniques are described for this knowledge and pattern discovery. Pattern analysis is needed to filter out uninterested rules or patterns from the set found in the pattern discovery phase.

Keywords: Web Mining, Web Usage mining, Web log files, fp growth, Association rules mining.