Abstract: Mobile Ad-hoc Networks features such as open medium, mobility of nodes, lack of back bone system and lack of infrastructure contribute various security attacks. Black hole attack is one type of attack that is more common in MANET reactive routing protocols. Black hole attack takes advantage of route discovery process in reactive routing protocols. In Black-hole attack, a malicious node misguide other nodes in the network by pretending to have the shortest and fresh route to a target node whose packets it wants to attack. This paper analyses the cooperative Black-hole attack detection and prevention. In this scenario, Ad-hoc on demand multipath distance vector routing protocol is configuring to provide multiple path for data communication. For this, we have listed various research carried out to discover and mitigate the single and cooperative Black-hole attack in MANETs.

Keywords: MANET, AODV, AOMDV, Security, Black-hole, Routing Protocol.