Abstract: This paper presents automation in farming system in terms of remote monitoring and controlling of drip irrigation using Embedded Linux board. Our system takes into consideration the soil moisture, temperature and humidity of environment. We are also considering the water level of tank using ultra-sonic sensor. This system provides a web interface to the user so that the user can monitor the system remotely. In order to control drip irrigation system, we propose an approach for collecting environment data and sending control command to turn on/off irrigation system. Monitoring valves and switches operation, and remote area control will efficiently improve the productivity of crops in all season. In this paper, Arduino-Uno is used as an embedded Linux board which makes the communication with the soil moisture sensor and ultra sonic sensor. The Node MCU is used to monitor the environmental parameters of temperature and humidity using DHT11 sensor. Based on these, the water is supplied to crops as per requirement. Thus, the water consumption will be reduced giving uniform water to the crop resulting in increased yield.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Drip Irrigation, Sensor Network, Embedded Systems, Web-Service.