Abstract: Today, as the numbers of vehicles are increasing, it results in more traffic congestion and crashes and thus being one of the major issues in developing countries which are to be effectively addressed by improving the current transportation systems, by considering the needs which are necessary of reducing the road traffic congestion and improving road safety. Transport security System is an advanced application which provides web enabled services for transport and traffic system, which results in a safer, coordinated traffic network system. This system can be used very efficiently in network and traffic analysis, which is a spontaneous creation of wireless network of vehicles for exchanging information about on road traffic, for improved traffic and transport management and to enable various users to be sufficiently informed about the road and make safer and smarter decisions on road by using transport networks. As the technology has to be used widely, there is a high need for a low cost traffic analysis technology with high security and QoS. To go for any further developments, a thorough analysis on the available technologies are essential to get a closer view on the current scenario. Proposed system is using android application to send data to server. Server will analyze incoming data for any attacks. Attacks like Brute Force, GPS Spoofing, DDOS attack and message tempering will be detected using this proposed system.

Keywords: GPS Spoofing, DDOS attack, Brute Force attack, Message Tempering.