Abstract: Cloud computing provides a great platform to store data and provides many services on demand. This has encouraged many data owners around the world to store the data on cloud. To maintain the privacy and delicacy of the information stored on the cloud, encryption of the data must be done. Encryption is carried out before outsourcing the data. This makes it difficult to access data by the end users. Due to large number of information on the cloud and large number of users accessing it, there is a need for an efficient search scheme. This paper provides multi-keyword ranked search over the encrypted cloud data (MRSE).It is implemented using RSA algorithm through effective key generation. We implement “coordinate matching” as an efficient searching technique to synchronize pairing of query keywords. The efficiency of the searching is improved by tree-based index structure. The secure k-NN is used to encrypt index and query vector.

Keywords: Multi-keyword ranked search, coordinate matching, trapdoor, privacy preserving, secure k-NN.